The impact of agricultural land use on soil properties and fungal community response to drought conditions

Vabljeni na predavanje z naslovom: The impact of agricultural land use on soil properties and fungal community response to drought conditions, ki bo v sredo 27.11.2019 ob 11.00 v veliki dvorani GIS.

»Conventional arable management leads to changes in soil water/nutrient retention and yields through compaction, reduced carbon sequestration, and loss of microbial diversity and abundance. Degraded soils are less resilient to perturbation including droughts, which are projected to increase in frequency and severity. Restoring soils through implementing grass-clover ley (long-term uncropped fallow) has been shown to increase organic carbon and crop yields, though little work has looked at the effects on microbial diversity or stress response. Thereby the aim of this research was was to investigate the role of arable extensification and ecological intensification in promoting soil ecosystem services related to water retention and crop performance under future climate conditions.«

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Soil respiration in forest ecosystems

Vabljeni na predavanje z naslovom Soil respiration in forest ecosystems, ki bo v ponedeljek, 14.10.2019 ob 11.00 v veliki dvorani GIS.

Forests represent the largest terrestrial carbon stock and the potential of forest management to increase carbon sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems, which is an area of intensive research. Research is focused on soil as a long-term carbon stock but sensitive to disturbances.

Carbon enters the ecosystem by assimilation of atmospheric CO2 by green parts of plants and gets into soil mainly through roots and plant litter. Soil respiration, on the contrary, represents the major carbon loss from the soil and even the whole ecosystem. The presentation will introduce soil respiration as a part of forest carbon cycle, its components, drivers and measuring systems. Moreover, examples of the results on soil respiration in forest ecosystems and the effect of forest management will be presented based on the presenter’s research.

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